SWISSTRONICS, INC. was founded in 1968 in a small wooden building located in Watertown, Massachusetts with six Stroms and Tornos machines. Recognizing that maximum efficiency meant 24-hour production, SWISSTRONICS purchased its first Escomatics in 1973. These machines radically lowered production costs, thus reducing the cost to its customers.

The steady influx of new business required more machines and more space. In 1981, SWISSTRONICS moved into its current 41,000 square-foot facility also located in Watertown and increased our Escomatic capacity to 35 machines.

Because many customers required prototype runs prior to full production, we acquired our first CNC type machines in 1985 in order to maintain our "full service" promise to our customers.

By 1995, the market dictated lower lead times and "Just-in-Time" delivery. However, our Massachusetts plant was already at maximum capacity. This prompted the building of our new 22,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Loudon, Tennessee.

Today, SWISSTRONICS, INC. is one of the largest custom screw machine companies in the United States, boasting 127 machines, including: 107 Escomatics, 17 CNC machines, and 3 Takashima Chopping machines.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to be a technically innovative, leading supplier of custom screw machine products in order to meet our customerís growing needs and to expand our business in the domestic and the overseas marketplace.

To flourish into the 21st century by providing superior service, high quality, on time delivery and competitive pricing to our customers and ensuring a secure working environment for our employees and their families.


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